8 Steps to Becoming an Informed Seller

Step 1 - Get Ready for Success

The first step in the journey of selling is to simply get started. Studies show that the earlier you begin the process of selling your home, the more successful you will be. So where do you begin?

Start by educating yourself on how the selling process works. That’s what this resource guide is all about!

 Step 2 - Choose the Right Agent

Most sellers use a Real Estate Agent and for good reason! A skilled agent can ensure your home sells quickly and for the best price, while making the entire process much easier for you. When you consider the work of pricing, marketing, negotiating, paperwork, etc. it all really adds up! Consider choosing an agent to alleviate the burden and support you from start to finish! 

Step 3 – Price Smart and Price Right

If you’re about to sell your house, no doubt you’re thinking about how to price it for the current market! Real estate market conditions are complicated, combined with the emotional attachment that comes with a home, choosing an optimal and accurate price for your home is daunting! A great agent will help you determine the true market value of your home and price it just right.

Step 4 – Difference Makers

After price, the condition of your home is the single biggest factor in determining how fast - and for how much - your home sells! In a competitive market, you want to make your property stand out and stand above the rest. We are here to guide you through the process of getting your home ready to make that best first impression and WOW prospective buyers.

Step 5 – Maximize Exposure to Buyers

Getting the word out about your home matters. Buyers can’t be excited about your house if they don’t know it exists and the more buyers that are interested, the higher the potential sale price! Using a variety of unique and engaging tools, we’ll get your house out to the broadest audience possible. 

Step 6 – Show it Off

You’ve done it! Your house is striking up interest, and it’s time to run some showings! While your realtor will help take care of the many details, you can consider the many preparations for a showing, such as having a flexible schedule, making your home inviting, and providing any additional information to help the buyer. Find ways to make your house shine!

Step 7 – Negotiating Expertise

When an offer comes in - perhaps multiple offers - this is where negotiating expertise counts to ensure you achieve the highest price and best terms. As your REALTOR®, we are experts with a pulse on all local market activity and have intricate knowledge of active and past inventory when negotiating on your behalf. The ongoing communication and education you will receive from our team will empower you to get the best possible deal for the sale of your home.

Step 8 - Wrap Up the Details

The deal is done and conditions are waived! What now? You will need to choose a lawyer to handle the transaction and start to prepare for the moving out process. Our team can provide some guidance on the arrangements that will need to be made. 


Feeling more informed? I hope so!

There’s a lot to selling a home. If, after reading this, you feel like you want some help, I’d be happy to meet with you and provide you with our more detail Informed Seller’s Guide and speak with you personally. I’ll provide you with a complimentary market evaluation of your home, and answer any other questions you have.

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